The experienced CSIA certified professionals from Lakes Region Chimney Pro of Gilford, New Hampshire, will keep your fireplace safe for use with chimney cleaning and repair. With our help, you’ll never have to worry when you light a fire. Request an estimate or service today, 603-520-7217.

Fireplace Design & Installation

A great way to add classic elegance to your home is with a custom fireplace. We offer you a wide selection of stone, granite, brick and other masonry materials to give your fireplace a completely unique appearance. If you’re not sure what might work best, our experienced masons will make recommendations that complement your existing architecture.

New Chimney Construction

Looking to add some supplemental heat to your house? We can install any type of chimney to suit your needs, including brick block, stone, and class A stainless steel. Inserts and freestanding wood stoves are also available to suit your design and heating needs.

chimney in need of repairLakes Region Chimney Pro Rebuild 17

Chimney Sweeping

Make your wood stove or fireplace safe to use with a yearly cleaning prior to its initial use. Chimney cleaning or sweeping removes creosote that has built up over the past season. For your added safety, we also provide chimney inspections when you’re adding a fireplace to your home or if you’re buying a new home with a fireplace.

un-swept chimneyliner after chimney sweep

Video Inspections

Sometimes a visual inspection of the inside of the chimney is not good enough to detect dangerous problems. We offer the latest in technology, a lighted close up video inspection of the chimney flue. With this method, no defect goes unseen. Call us today to inquire about setting up an appointment for this cutting edge service. 603-520-7217

Chimney Repair

Lakes Region Chimney Pro can restore your chimney with repairs that correct leaks, flashing damage, cracks, damaged or loose bricks and all the way down to faulty dampers. Call us for immediate attention when you notice leaks, smoke backing into your house, or creosote buildup. Let us ensure your fireplace is safe to use with the appropriate repairs necessary.

Chimney Lining

The liner is the barrier that protects your home from toxic gases, flammable materials and intense heat. Chimney liners are one of the most under-appreciated parts of the fireplace and flue system. A video inspection of your liner will show any damage that may need to be addressed. We only use the most cutting edge, industry leading materials, including HeatShield when lining your chimney.

Fireplace Makeover

Tired of your dreary old fireplace?? Check out these before and afters.

Custom Brick Block and Stonework

We offer custom brick block and stonework to fit all of your needs.

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All of our techs are certified with the Chimney Safety Institute of America.
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