Lakes Region Chimney Pro Gilford NH – Meet The Crew

Meet The Crew

Meet the CSIA certified chimney professionals of Lakes Region Chimney Pro. We are proud to service the Lakes Region of NH with a trusted and experienced crew.

Mike Greer - Lakes Region Chimney Pro
Mike Greer – Owner

CSIA #9473

Mike began Lakes Region Chimney Pro in 2011 after having been in the business for over a decade. Mike was looking to bring the Lakes Region a chimney sweep company dedicated to honesty, reliability, hard work and professionalism. Lakes Region Chimney Pro started as one sole person with a passion and has grown into a team of likeminded professionals.

Scott Doucette - Lakes Region Chimney Pro
Scott Doucette -Foreman/Masonry Master

CSIA #8232

Scott is our most experienced technician, bringing with him a background in brick laying. Also CSIA certified, Scott briefly lived in Kansas and worked amongst the industries top professionals.

Josh mixing heatshield

Josh Collins

CSIA #10648

Hardworking, receptive, reliable and known for bringing comic relief to the job site, Josh has been a leader since he joined our crew. Josh’s combined knowledge from his CSIA certification and on-site experience reflects in his work.

Maxwell Lakes Region Chimney Pro

Maxwell L’Heureux

Maxwell comes eager and hardworking, quickly making a spot for himself as a helpful team player of our crew.


Brandon Truett

Stepping in new to the team, Brandon is mechanically inclined and ready to work. Building on-site experience and working towards his certifications, Brandon has been a great addition to our team.


Ryan McCrea

Ryan is a team player who dives in head first ready to assist and learn from our more experienced technicians. He’s working to gain on-site experience and also working towards his certifications.


Carrie Baron – Office Manager

Carrie is very dedicated and comes to us with a degree in business management. We are more than happy to have her on board, welcome Carrie!

Lakes Region Chimney
Maci – Lead Chimney “Bark-Tech”

You’ll find Maci overseeing the job site from the truck or in the office cozy by the wood stove monitoring the crew.

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